Logo Design Workbook

Logo Design Workbook

This book will be the first in a series of practical and inspirational workbooks that will cover all the fundamental areas of the graphic design business. Each book will provide the reader with a range of content about the featured subject providing a number of tools to help them make better designs. This series will go beyond our traditional showcase books yet remain succinct and to the point so designers are able to get the information they need quickly and easily.

This book/series will offer the reader ideas and inspiration by featuring hundreds of real life logos from around the world that have succeeded for their clients, as well as hardworking content focused on the basics including: – Choosing colors – Choosing the right typeface – Size matters – How to incorporate logos on products and collateral – Common mistakes in logo design – What makes a logo successful

Scattered throughout the second portion of the book will be profiles/interviews with prominent logo designers as well as sidebars which examine the evolution of many well known logos as well as some historical logos that have shaped graphic design.


Color Design Workbook

Designers know that color is an extremely vital part of any design project and not a subject to be taken lightly. For better or for worse, it affects moods and elicits reactions.

Color Design Workbook invites readers to explore color through the language of professionals. As part of the Workbook series, this book aims to present readers with the fundamentals of graphic design. It supplies tips regarding how to talk to clients about color and using color in presentations. Background information on color such as certain cultural meanings is also included. Color Design Workbook breaks down color theory into straightforward terms, eliminating unintelligible jargon and showcases the work of top designers and the brilliant and inspiring use of color in their design work.

Masters of Design

Masters of Design: Identity

Sean Adams
Masters of Design: Logos and Identity profiles twenty well known designers, who are recognized for the particular areas of design in which they’re profiled in the Masters series. The profiles are not only inspirational, but they provide real-world advice and support designers can use in their projects.

Through real world examples and illustrations, the authors present the work of the 20 legends focusing on the subject of identity and logos. This ranges from simple mark-making to full scale programs applied to multiple mediums. The book also includes a gallery of marks, sidebars on heroes and inspirations, and diagrams to explain concepts or processes. The designers included will have a wide age range, type of work, in-house agencies, small business, large firm, domestic and international designers.

Each profile is about 2,000 words and includes 10-15 projects with captions that detail the specifics. We include current projects as well as the projects that put these people on the map.

Masters of Design

Masters of Design: Corporate

Sean Adams
Masters of Design: Corporate Brochures profiles 20 current design leaders. This book features the best corporate designers—those who create award-winning annual reports, internal communications, and corporate brochures. These are often the most challenging projects to design because of the sheer amount of information that is required as part of the assignment. Featured design firms include Cahan & Asssociates, VSA Partners, Blok Design, and 3 Deep Design. The principal creatives at these firms share their insight and experience on creating successful designs for major corporations.