Noreen Morioka

Noreen is a co-founder of AdamsMorioka, leading the team in creative direction and business development. Her creative input has led to the success of multiple communications programs. Noreen believes that personal involvement with a client helps her crack the brand’s spirit. This allows her to interpret her clients’ sometimes vaguely articulated goals into actionable plans.

In 2006, Noreen was named as a Fellow of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Noreen is past President of Los Angeles Chapter of AIGA, past chair of the AIGA National President’s Council, Fellow of the International Design Conference at Aspen, Chair of the James Beard Foundation Award for Design and Architecture and currently serves as a board member of the ADC in New York. She is a frequent competition judge and lecturer. Highlights included the Cannes Lions, British D&AD, South Africa’s Design Indaba.

In 2014, Noreen and her partner were award the AIGA Medal, one of the highest design honors recognized by their profession.Their most meaningful achievements, however, remain their contributions to the success of their clients.